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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lessons from Genesis

Ok, so this is super cool to me...

Corbin and I are going over the creation of the world in Genesis so I've been studying the word meanings of certain words to use as vocabulary lessons for him to gain a better understanding of the passages. We are going to be reading about the things created on day 3 (plants, trees, etc.), so I was reading through it last night and stopped with the terminology 'yielding seed' and 'bearing fruit'... to me they seem like they might mean the same thing, so why the use of different words?

Here's what I found. The word for 'yielding' and 'bearing' seem similar but their difference is much like the difference between sowing seed and reaping the harvest. However, in both instances, the words used for what they are 'sowing' or 'reaping' means almost the same thing... in the short of it- children or offspring.

The original Hebrew word for seed is 'zera' and means offspring, children, descendants, of moral quality.
The original Hebrew word for fruit is 'periy' and means fruit, offspring, children, progeny (of the womb), fruit (of actions).

Also interesting to note that when God created the plants and trees, He made them fully grown and already fulfilling their purpose. There isn't an indication of any kind of time lapse between their creation and when they produced seed/fruit.

I can't help but wonder two things from this observation.

First and foremost, if this was His design for the plants, how much more does He delight when His most prized creation produces fruit... of course, children, but also (as Christians) when we sow seeds of 'moral quality' or bear fruit by our actions?

Secondly, does he desire for these things to take place promptly after either marriage consummation or conversion to becoming a believer?

Now, don't misunderstand me, I know children will come in His own timing, but my point is that maybe we shouldn't be desiring to 'wait until we've had time to ourselves for a while'. Rather, give our children's timing into this world completely up to Him from the very beginning of our union. And as far as becoming a new follower of Christ, sometimes it takes time to be discipled, but we shouldn't wait until we have full knowledge of the Word, etc. to be sowing seeds of moral, Godly quality.

Some may feel this is a stretch of the Word to fit any agenda I may have, but there's no denying the original word meanings. Personally I find it fascinating! One thing's for certain... God LOVES reproduction!!! :)

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