"Behold, children are a heritage frm the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward." Psalm 127:3

I love bringing forth children... and this is my journey in training them for the King

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 'Good Things' in Life

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!" - Matthew 7:11

I have often wondered what those 'good things' consist of. Many might interpret this verse to mean material possessions, but I think it has a deeper, hidden meaning. The Father's thoughts and ways are higher than ours, so we must put on an eternal perspective when considering what He may deem 'good things'.

I think Sally Clarkson is on to something in her book, Ministry of Motherhood! In it, she talks about the gifts we give to our children, as mothers. But how can we possibly give these gifts if we've never received them ourselves? How can we possibly begin to know what grace, inspiration, faith, training, and service are like without experiencing them first-hand?

The gift of grace: Grace leads us to know God and His unconditional love and to extend it to others.

The gift of inspiration: Inspiration leads us to follow God's purposes.

The gift of faith: Faith leads us to stake our lives on God's truth as revealed in His Word.

The gift of training: Training leads us to share in God's holy character.

The gift of service: Service leads us to share God's love with the world.

I believe these five gifts are just a portion of the 'good things' the Father will give to those of us who ask Him. Once we have sought Him, asked Him, searched His Word, and waited faithfully for Him to give us these things, we can then give them to our children. Once we receive and experience them, we MUST show our children, by our example, what these gifts look like. And what a wonderful set of gifts to give the generations that follow us! It's a legacy of eternal value, promising reward, and victory over the enemy's schemes to steal our children and our children's children... the ones not yet born.

As we receive 'good gifts' from the Father, let us freely give them to the sweet blessings entrusted to us by the Giver of ALL good things...

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