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I love bringing forth children... and this is my journey in training them for the King

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Week in Review

The past several days have been a bit busy for us. I have wanted to sit down and write about many things, but time just hasn't been on my side to do so. For the sake of my own memory bank, and those of you who keep tabs on my family through this blog, I am going to do a 'week in review' sort of thingy...

Last week we got a call that Dwight's grandpa passed. He lived in Pennsylvania, so we had to make a quick decision about whether or not to make the drive for the funeral. At the last minute, it was pretty clear to us that, while we wanted to be there to say goodbye, we felt led to stay behind.

A few days later, we got word that there was an 'exciting opportunity' to move to Alaska to become part of a church in Palmer... still praying about God's will for us on that!

Over the weekend we had our sonogram appointment with Tina, our midwife. We found out everything looks great, and the baby is developing wonderfully. We also found out that I'm a little further along than expected, so the sonographer moved my due date up to June 25th (two days before Dwight's 31st birthday)! :)

The scanned sono pics turned out a little smaller than I'd hoped, so in case you can't see them real well, the top photo is a side profile of the baby's face and the bottom is a frontal view of the baby's face (chin pointing toward the bottom right corner) with his/her arm underneath the face... just like a beautiful sleeping baby... Aww! :)
On the way home from the appointment we decided to take advantae of Burger King's St. Paddy's Day promo of free fries with green Heinz ketchup and stopped for lunch. We don't eat out that often, so it was a special treat!! We scored 5 bugers, 5 fries & 3 sodas for only $10... Thank you, Jesus for great sales!
Since we scored such a great deal for lunch, we thought we'd hop on over to Dairy Queen for some dessert. Afterall, they were having a Blizzard special of buy 1 get 1 for only $0.99... :) So we grabbed a couple to share between us!
Later that night, Dwight had an idea for some more family fun...
As a kid, he would create a tent indoors with a sheet and 'camp-in' with his siblings. So, he re-created this make-shift tent in my parents' living room. We all huddled inside (in front of the massive air flow of fans) to watch The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and eat some popcorn. The next morning Dwight and I could barely move for the pain in our backs from sleeping on the floor, but it was worth it to us to make some special memories with our children!!

The weather has been gorgeous here in East Texas, so we've been spending a lot of time outside during the day! The other day Dwight and Corbin made a cross out of some scrap pieces of wood and I snapped this picture yesterday of Corbin and Hayden taking turns carrying it around the yard.

Jesus said in Luke 9:23, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me." I'm not sure my children understand this concept to it's fullest, but it makes me happy that they understand that Jesus died on a cross for THEM!

On a side note, I snapped this adorable picture of Elijah while he was playing with Dwight the other day. He loves hats, but only if they belong to someone else. Lol! He is wearing Dwight's hat in this pic.

I am exceedingly grateful for the Lord's blessing of this family! I love them all so very much and LOVE making memories with them... :)

Make a point today to make a special memory with YOUR family!


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