"Behold, children are a heritage frm the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward." Psalm 127:3

I love bringing forth children... and this is my journey in training them for the King

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Did May Go?

So I just signed onto my blog for the first time since mid-April. It's almost June now... so where did May go?

We have been busy finishing up school for the year, growing new children, and playing outside.

I attended my first ever Homeschool Book Fair Mother's Day weekend and was totally blessed to spend the day pouring over endless curriculum opportunities with a wonderful friend I don't visit with often enough!

I have recently ordered Corbin's curriculum for next year, and with the help of friends (and the Lord's provision) got most of it for a great deal... Love it when that happens!! :) I now realize it's a good thing I've already planned what I feel we need to learn next year since we'll be welcoming a new baby in just one short month or so.

Now I can focus on getting things in order for the new blessing and spend the rest of the summer loving on him/her and recovering rather than fretting over silly lessons before September.

This past week we attended TrueLife Homeschool Groups Recognition Night where many of the students presented what they learned throughout the year and we celebrated another year of honoring the Lord with our lives through learning and family. I made Corbin and Hayden a display board to show some of the things we did together for pre-K and Kindergarten. I think they were pretty shocked when I put it all together and they saw just how much they had learned during the past several months of school! They had originally said they wanted to go on stage to present something special they learned. Corbin wanted to recite the books of the Bible in order and Hayden was going to sing Jesus Loves Me. However, when they saw the size of the crowd, I think they began to question whether that was still a good idea. They chose to pass on the wonderful opportunity but we recorded Corbin on video. As a good friend said, "The point is, he knows them... that's all that really matters!"

I am looking forward to summer and slowing down a bit, but I do have some things planned for Corbin to keep up his reading and math skills. I have borrowed some books for young readers on Christian Heroes from our homeschool library. He will get need to read each story and create a notebooking journal page about each one... maybe draw a picture of something that stood out and write a few sentences about that person. I'm thinking of allowing a couple weeks to complete each book and notebooking page before moving on to the next. We'll see how it goes...

Sometimes I can't believe my children are growing so fast! Here's to cherishing the moments... those of soaking up the hot Texas sun and how cool the water feels when it hits you in the face, those of super relaxed "summer learning", those of the final kicks and twists this baby will share inside my womb before I hold him/her for the first time...

*I didn't take the time to proof this post, so forgive me if there are typos! :)

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